Date of Birth:
TEQUILA is a big boned, large framed bull that carries a lot of muscle. He is an early 3 year old and last tipped the scales at an even 1600 lbs, and he is not done growing. He has won eight bronzes at the HORN SHOW CASE and LWC. He is finally growing into his horn bases. The last time we measured him he was 80.25 inches Tip to Tip and 102inches total horn. His sire is one of longest total horn bulls in the breed. He is not a pet but is easy to work around and will take cake from your hand. His sire ESCONDIDO RED is siring offspring with exceptional horn. He is out of the huge long horned cow RR Remy who is out of one of the longest TH cows ever “PPF MIMOSA”. With ESCONDIDO RED, COWBOY UP CHEX, WYOMING WARPAINT, RR RED CLOVER, SAM CHEX, RR REMY, PPF MIMOSA and PPF GUNMAKER in his pedigree, We think TEQUILA will sire some great long horned progeny. Looking forward to his calves next year.
Owner Name:
Metcalfe, Mike & Linda
Friedrich, Rick
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